Public Mint “Earn” to allocate TVL to Bridge Mutual Coverage Pools

Public Mint and their Earn Program (a fiat-native earnings App), is partnering with Bridge Mutual to bring discretionary risk coverage and security to its network. Public Mint Earn is an application that allows users to access additional earnings through different CeFi and DeFi platforms; this partnership will provide an additional level of assurance to Public Mint Earn users.

As part of Public Mint’s Earn App business model, 10% of the Total Value Locked (TVL) is dedicated to insuring the TVL. A portion of the 10% dedicated to insurance will be used to grow and sustain a discretionary coverage pool dedicated to Public Mint Earn on the Bridge Mutual ecosystem, protecting against potential losses caused by hacks or exploits against any of Public Mint’s Earn CeFi or DeFi partners. By partnering with Bridge Mutual, Public Mint can provide its user base much greater financial protection of their fiat ushering in a transparent and safe way for people to store assets digitally.

Public Mint “Earn” to allocate TVL to Bridge Mutual Coverage Pools | by Public Mint | Mar, 2021 | Medium

Bridge Mutual $BMI

PublicMint ( $MINT




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For Discussion, join #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Ethereum #DeFi $BTC $ETH $LINK $MATIC

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