STONE DeFi partnered with Litentry to accelerate identity layer on Polkadot system

STONE DeFi partnered with Litentry, a network that enables users to aggregate identities from other chains, features an identity aggregation protocol and a Substrate built blockchain ready for Polkadot. As a whole it consists of decentralized identity and user activity data aggregation infrastructure.

Through this partnership, Litentry will provide aggregated identity data services to STONE DeFi. Meanwhile, STONE continues to establish as the anchor yield aggregation platform that focuses on creating “Rock Solid Yield”, and expand the current DeFi yield market to include yields from staking assets.

Stone.Defi $STONE

Litentry $LIT




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For Discussion, join #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Ethereum #DeFi $BTC $ETH $LINK $MATIC

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